Windows 2008R2 / Win 7 to Win 2016 & Win 10 RDP RemoteFX upgrade


For a upgrade of a control room I want to make a POC to integrate follow systems.

We currently have following setup:

  1. Single Win 2008 R2 Hyper-V Host:
  • HP DL380 + Quadro 6000
  • Running multiple Win 2008 Guests
  • Running one W7 Guest using RemoteFX to a Dell D10D thin client showing 28 VGA camera’s.
  1. Win 2016 Hyper-V Cluster
  • Dual HP DL380 (no GPU) + Storage
  • Running 6x Win 2012 Guests (no open session)
  • Running 28x Win 7 Guests (RDP no GPU) on Dell D10D thin client for HMI.
  1. Two Win 7 Workstations for Millstone camera-system showing ±4 FHD camera’s / workstation.
  • Workstations are connected with FHD DVI extenders to the controlroom.
  • Every workstation is connected to two FHD videowall screens.

We want to integrate all in a Hyper-V cluster. I was looking to add two P2000’s to the Win 2016 cluster and make 3 Win 10 test guests using Remote FX to show all camera content on a videowall using thin clients controlled by thinmanager. The current thin client is only RDP 8, so we’ll also test with Win 10 IOT thin clients supporting RDP 10.


  1. Is the P2000 the right GPU for the job? With only 3 clients I suppose it is. Should it be enogh for 5 clients to make it future proof?
  2. Should I still use Remote FX or go for DDA and use the H.264/AVC 444 graphic mode?
  3. Are there other options or things to consider or test?