Windows 7 exe local CUDA Toolkit installer issue


I’m having trouble using the exe local CUDA Toolkit installer. I’m able to download it and find it on my computer, but when I open it, I have to choose the application that I want to open it with, which seems odd because the installer should be somewhat of its own application. What is going wrong?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I didn’t have any trouble using the exe network installer, but I need the local one.


Probably your download is broken somehow. What is the exact file name you end up with?

it should be:


Are you getting it from ?

You may simply want to try downloading it again.

Yes, that’s the file I’m getting. I’ve downloaded it several times and the same thing keeps happening.

What size is that file on your machine after you download it?

1.19 GB. I also just realized that I’m getting the right file name, but I don’t think it has the .exe extension.

Yes, you need the .exe extension, and 1.19GB is too small. It should be 1.3GB or larger.

So your download process is failing for some reason.