Windows,GPU and Displayer

Windows system generate image(such as desktop image).Then GPU send this image to Displayer.
My question is: Can i do something to this image(such as rotate or warping)before GPU send it to Displayer?
Anyone could help me?

As far as I remember anything displayed in Windows system is a window (what a paradox ;), even the wallpaper. You can alter pixels of such window, after getting its handle. The only way I may think of is to make CUDA write a texture and then fill the window with it. But the displayed windows still would be a rectangle with a e.g. rotated texture. Some window size alteration would be helpful with transparency applied, if You know what I mean.

Seek any Win32 API tutorial for more detail, about using it for windows pixels alteration.


I have find some Win32 API tutorial for more detail,But there is no appropriate.

Isn’t there a direct control interface?

I’m afraid not, but I know only basics of Win32 API - someone with more experience on this matter should speak up.


I am also intrested in post processing the video out signal. In my case I would like to render the mirror image of the source. I know you can use a warping function of the NVAPI for quadro cards but I am looking for a GeForce Solution. I do not think that a simple or cheep(computationally) method of post processing the output signal exits throught the Win32API. It should be cheap to implement at the driver level but I do not think any GFX cards support the nesseary features.