With Jetson Nano Dev Kits running until 2027, will JetPack 5 be available for Jetson Nano?

With the recent announcement that Jetson Nano Dev kits will be produced until Jan 2027 is there a plan to also support the Jetson Nano in JetPack 5?

Otherwise it appears that 2027 produced Jetson Nano Devkits will be expected to use Ubuntu 18.04 (first released 2018) which will make using non EOL versions of other software difficult (i.e. ROS).

Hi @Dingo_aus, sorry there aren’t plans to support Nano/TX1/TX2 in JetPack 5. JetPack 4.6 will continue to be maintained in sustaining mode and will receive security updates and bug fixes.

BTW to run various distributions of ROS1/ROS2 on Jetson Nano (including those versions of ROS not natively for 18.04), see these containers: https://github.com/dusty-nv/jetson-containers

Thanks Dusty.

Looking forward to the third-party Carrier Boards for the Orin when they start to come about.



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