With lt6911c Orin N custom board, only the green screen can be captured

Hi ShaneCCC,
We got a new Orin nx core board (Orin_NX_no4), and after running gst-launch-1.0 for a while, we had the same problem as the no2 core board.

When I flash the camera firmware here GMSL Camera fail on Orin Nano JatPack 5.1.2 - #5 by JerryChang https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/uploads/short-url/l8htccw4ZwK182puK6J0067EtUU.7z , the no4 module worked very stable. But when I flash this firmware to the no3 core board, no3 could not capture the video.

Where can I get these different versions of firmware? Is the camera firmware open source?