Workbench docker error: address already in use

installed the latest workbench on mac backed by Docker.

When starting up, it creates the workbench-proxy image, but that is unable to start up and gets the following error:

(HTTP code 500) server error - driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint workbench-proxy (15ccb8e57307220b75dc6b5c636f9809385681290179e20017eee89f9eb560df): listen tcp4 bind: address already in use

I have tried uninstalling via uninstall instructions several times, as well as restarting my mac, reinstalling and still get the same error. Before reinstalling, I made sure to delete the docker image, and restart docker desktop.

had colleagues try to install, and they experienced the same error

found out the issue… in fact port 10000 was being used by another container in my company’s stack.

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