Worst expirence ever

at first i am a teacher, not a developer.

Day 1
Unpack, watch video, Flash SD Card with offered Image -Fail to boot, waste the whole day (error during i2c read probe (-121)) No solution at all!
Day 2
Found a (older) nvidia jetson Image which allow to boot to GUI, try to follow Video instruction for Docker with Jupyter -Fail to run docker? Docker Container? Camera? I dont know!
(error gathering device… ) waste another day
No lessons prepared so far, but two days gone!
Day 3
Found in the “search your computer” jupyter -Great!
start to explore run into problems because outdated python.
Update? Not possible for average user. Or not usable after update. I cant tell.

We thought about to buy the boards for 3-7 classes (20-30 students per course) , but not in this circumstances.

What is the problem to deliver a board with fully functional software? And /Or provide a shell script on desktop to update/upgrade/download the neccessary stuff?
We are not anymore in the early 80s where i had to solder my computer!
And the forum is not a help in any way. if i search my error from the screen i get 100 times the same question and if i open that, the conclusion is always try this, try that, maybe this, could be that.
ONE straight answer:
1.) Do this
2.) Do that
And so on, to make sure i can not run into 5 other problems.

Pinned messages? Not helpful! A path for update/upgrade? Cant find.
Even i dont know what configuration i have now after “try this” try that"

My browser history contains just for “nvidia boot” 144 entrys
For one of the docker problems 203 and finally for update/upgrate the jetson nano 140

So i can say i tried it, i failed and wasted time for nothing.
And such Software/Hardware is practical for students? Only if you have a Service Center to run and maintain this boards for you.
As a one man show not to handle.
very bad expirence, worst expirence since my beginning as teacher in tech.

Wow. I remember my first coding (computer class back in 1996)
You start off with hello world and build up.
By the time you get to something like a jetson, 26 years later for me, you have a solid base to trace back issues.

The issue with the jetson is that you can go any direction you like with the software. With that comes all the many questions and many ways/answers on how to skin a cat.

I don’t think the jetson is a great place to create a class unless it is supper focused on one thing.

Hey teach keep up the work. I still remember my first computer teacher “Mr Bromley”, he just kept at me and my questions.

Jetson nano for me is a device I could flush out all the code needed before buying a $3000 unit for a edge device im making in the food service inspection field. I just would never think of using it as a general compute platform in a classroom. Its only a 3 year device and its now end of service.

@m.kriegebaum I highly recommend you the following free DLI course. You just have to register and get started learning.


Getting started with technology might sound daunting but the trial and error process helps solidify the learning. Another tool that might come in handy if you are starting is the Nvidia SDK manager. It will make it easier for you to flash and set up your board for the first time.

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