Xavier Carrier board(P2822_b02.dsn file) question (Solved)

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Could you please help question as below, thanks

  1. We wonder if U57 on Carrier board(P2822_b02.dsn file) is an open-drain or a push-pull level shifter.
  2. Could you please tell us what is the function of EEPROM on Carrier Boars(P2822_b02.dsn file) ? is it possible to not implement it on board?


Q1: It’s FXL5T244BQX, one way signal translator, not open-drain one.
Q2: EEPROM is used by Nvidia to storage info like board ID, it’s not mandatory in customer design. Yes you can choose to not implement.

Hi Nvidia team,

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please help question as below, thanks

Could you please tell us for power sequence MCU of U79 on Carrier Boars(P2822_b02.dsn file), is it possible to not implement it on board?


Yes MCU U79 button MCU define lots of button behavior and part of power sequence, without this may need more complicated logic circuit to do same thing.
More detailed info of these part still under define, sorry for the inconvenience, we will keep post ASAP.

Version 20180829 update with section “Power Button Supervisor”, check that for power on case detials.

hi Nvidia Team:
One question about the Jetson Xavier OEM Product Design Guide.on the page six for the System Block Diagram mentioned that the PMIC used in the Jetson Xavier is Max20024.But why I cannot find this iC in the Maxim official website? can you help confirm it again? or is it any mistake here?

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