Xavier fails to start up, or when getting to desktop, immediately attempts reboot, and then fails again.

I am having an issue where on Xavier start up, I get the message that CPU4 and CPU5 shutdown, and then when it attempts to get to the desktop, it simply fails, if it gets there at all before rebooting itself.

This has been happening since both before and after I flashed it with Jetpack 4.1

I am currently under the assumption this is a hardware failure issue, or something isn’t connected correctly on the board, but I would love if anyone here has run into this issue before and knows a solution for it besides sending it back to Nvidia to get replaced.

Please see: https://i.imgur.com/IloRu0f.jpg

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Are you logging into Ubuntu desktop as nvidia user ? There have been similar problems when the user was not belonging to group video.

Can you run in virtual console (Alt-Ctl-F2) or ssh into it ?

It does not even get to a login screen. It instead goes straight to a Desktop, with an error box in the top left corner. I cannot run virtual console or ssh into it during this, as it seems to just repeatedly reboot, and shut itself off.

Example here: https://i.imgur.com/UrH3T7L.jpg

You may use a serial console. Xavier has a microUSB port that you can connect to host and get a serial console for seeing what happens in early boot and later, so you could record the whole story (gtk-term on host may be useful for copying easily) and attach this log here.

It might be a X server (or GPU driver, or HW…) issue.
Did you modify X settings ?
Can you try another monitor ?


I’m experiencing a similar problem.

After JetPack-4.2 install over SDKmanager and flashing the boards (Xavier, TX2) everything is ok. But after building the kernel from the source I’m experiencing the problem on both dev boards.

dmesg log and serial console log from Xavier are attached…

Indication of a problem is in dmesg log at the bottom.
It would be appreciated if someone could propose a solution.

I tried another monitor, adding user to video group. Nothing helps.
Kernel is built with gcc-linaro-7.3.1-2018.05.
dmesg.txt (69 KB)
serial_console.txt (100 KB)

My problem was that I built kernel with a custom version and did not build kernel modules with the same version.