Xavier nx can't define nvme ssd, sd card and camera

I made the connections as in the attachments but the nvme ssd, sd card and camera are not accessible on xavier nx.
Also, I couldn’t download any sdk component because there was not enough space, I flashed directly from sdk manager. (it gives error when I select nvme option during flash process)

Hi muhi,

Are you using the devkit or custom board?
It looks like custom board and you should not flash with SDK Manager because the SDKM is used for the devkit. The custom board would use different board configuration according to board design.

You could refer to this instruction to flash your board, but please request your vendor for the BSP package first.

SSD and SD Card can’t read so i can’t flash to SSD or SD Card

It seems you are using the custom board.
You should refer to the design guide about the adaptation for custom board about SD card and NVMe SSD.

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