Xavier Nx SSD lnkSta downgraded


My platform is Xavier NX, I found in different Jetpack, the PCIe GEN4 SSD LnkSta is different.

Jetpack 5.1.2 && Jetpack 5.1.1: LnkSta Speed 8GT/s(Only GEN3).

Jetpack 5.0.2: LnkSta Speed 16GT/s(GEN4 OK).

I want to know, what do you update in this two version that may cause this downgrade in LnkSta of SSD interface?

There are fixed in later releases, so it may be an issue in 5.0.2 that the information is not correctly parsed.

Did you mean in the version after 5.1.2 will fix this issue? If that’s ture, when will you publish?

I’ve had similar problems with GEN4 performance even with the “jetson_clocks” commands under version 5.1.2, but 5.0.2 is no problem

Please share the NVMe SSD card you are using. It may be achieved up to GEN3 on Xavier NX instead of GEN4. Due to certain constraint of Xavier NX.


please attach full lspci -vvv and dmesg as text file.

xavier512dmsg.txt (74.6 KB)
xavier502pci.txt (16.3 KB)
xavier502dms.txt (73.6 KB)
xavier512pci.txt (16.3 KB)

Please notify line 483 in xavier512dmsg.txt

please modify the tegra194-p3668-common.dtsi → max-link-speed = <3>; to 4 so that it will use gen4 speed.

OK , It works, But why you do this limit in latest Jetpack, is there any risk?

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