Xavier SATA speed (Solved)

I tested eSATA port of Xavier using Samsung Pro 850 and got same speed as TX2.
Does Xavier support SATA2 or SATA3?

SATA specification rev 3.2 is supported.

I tried the same SSD and eSata cable on my Xavier and my Ubuntu Dell M6600, SATA speed is 50% slower on Xavier than on Dell laptop, using “sudo hdparm -t -T” and “sudo gnome-disks”.

On Xavier, the SATA data rate is gen 2, 3Gbps.

[Update] In Xavier chip, the internal SATA controller is GEN2, but Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit uses a one-lane PCIe GEN2 to one-port SATA GEN3 controller, the PCIe side is the bottle neck. So the maximum data rate of SATA is 5 Gbps, this is without 8b10b & other overhead.

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