Xavier schematic design questions

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GPIO22 and GPIO23 of Jetson Xavier are Bi-Dir?
Can I use GPIO22 or GPIO23 connect load switch enable pin and over current pin together?

PEX_L0_CLKREQ_N and PEX_L0_RST_N power domain is 1.8V or 3.3V?


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Yes GPIO22 and GPIO23 of Jetson Xavier can be Bi-Dir. Be aware these 2 have 100kohm PU to 1.8V on module PCB.

PEX_L0_CLKREQ_N and PEX_L0_RST_N are 1.8V domain, but their Pad Category are DD, DD pads have 3.3V IO voltage tolerance. These 2 have PU to 3.3V on module PCB.

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Xavier Pin D56(SLVS_XCLR) and G56(SLVS_XCE) conneect to PCIe x16 Connector,
Can I use others GPIO replace them? Because I already use SPI3 inteface for TPM.
Why need D56(SLVS_XCLR) and G56(SLVS_XCE) conneect to PCIe x16 Connector?

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D56(SLVS_XCLR) and G56(SLVS_XCE) are for SLVS-EC.
SLVS-EC stands for Scalable Low Voltage Signaling - Embedded Clock.
It is a high speed serial interface to support camera sensors.
There have SLVS-EC support on Jetson Xavier share PCIex16 conector.
If you only need PCIe don’t need SLVS-EC, yes you can use these 2 for other function like SPI3.

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Thanks for your information.
About Deep Sleep mode (SC7), how to enter via HW control, I know TX2 can via CARRIER_STBY# to enter Deep Sleep mode.

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Where can I find SLVS-EC Register manual ? I noticed there is very detailed description of NVCSI registers in your TRM, but nothing about SLVS-EC registers, how should I program the SLVS-EC registers ?

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