Jetson AGX Xavier SLVS-EC questions

Hello Nvidia,

We’re looking into implementing the Jetson AGX Xavier on a custom carrier board. We want this because the AGX Xavier (supposedly) supports SLVS-EC. The specsheet notes that up to 8 lanes and 2 streams are supported, with a maximum baudrate of 2304Mbps.
However, when googling for information about other people who (tried to) use the SLVS-EC, I encounter nothing but problems. Also in your list of partner supported camera’s, none of them use the SLVS-EC interface. All the partner supported (Sony) sensors who support only SLVS(-EC) are in some way converted to MIPI before inputting to the Jetson.

So I have the following questions:

  • Are SLVS-EC sensors supported and recommended? (On nov 4 the answer was basically ‘No’ by ShaneCCC)

  • Is it possible to connect 2 sensors simultaneously? (Topic linked above says ‘Yes’, but later on the answer was ‘No’ by ShaneCCC)

  • Is only sensor slave mode supported or is sensor master mode also supported?

  • Is there a possibility that SLVS-EC 2.0 will be supported in the future (5 Gbps)? Or will this require a hardware change?

  • Are there any upcoming changes about the SLVS-EC support coming year?

It would be really nice is Nvidia put more effort into support for SLVS(-EC). Sony global shutter sensors are pretty much solely available with this interface.

Thanks in advance and kind regards,


We still working this kind of sensor with partner. Current don’t suggest to for it before we have done a goode reference design.

Thank you for your reply, do you have any indicative/preliminary timeline for that development? Will it take 3/6/12/24 months?

Sorry, I can’t tell it due to current resource are to tight because COV-19

Hello @IceBlackz ,

This may be of an interest to you on the subject of SLVS-EC on AGX Xavier: