Xavier shutdown failed through Ubuntu menu

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We design a xavier carrier board, Power Button design is the same with Xavier DevelopKit using Siliconlabs ICs, when we using “ShutDown” menu through Ubuntu. Ubuntu is not shutdown but reboot again. But we using long press PowerButton to shutdown Xavier, it works fine.

Can you give us some suggestions about this? When we using DevelopKit carrier board, “Ubuntu Shutdown Menu” funtion and long press PowerButton to shutdown both works fine.

Hi, are you using the power button supervisor MCU EFM8SB10F8G-A-QFN20?

If so, please refer to the Note in OEM DG:

Designs that intend to follow the NVIDIA carrier board design and include the EFM8SB10F8G-A-QFN20 MPU for Button
Power Button control need to replicate the circuitry on the latest P2822 carrier board exactly. NVIDIA will provide the binary and the customer should get the flashing instructions from Silicon Labs.

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Thanks for your reply.
It’s a hardware bug of ucsi_ccg driver, kernel remove it, “Shutdown” works fine.
I close this topic.