Xavier system auto reboot reasons?


In our latest prototype, we used Xavier evalution kit to connect with 4 cameras.
It’s working fine when we test indoor using off-the-shelf power adapter.

When we use our customerized hardware to power it, the system will boot up just fine.
However when we launch our gstreamer application, in most cases Xavier will automatically reset right away. We are trying to find out what the cause might be.

My question is that what might lead Xavier to reset?
We know there is a temperature threshold that will lead to system reset. What else to perform automatically reset?

Thanks a lot.

If you run out of RAM the system’s watchdog may stop and reboot triggered. You could log in with serial console and monitor with something like “watch -n 1 free -h” and see if RAM ran out at the moment of reboot (serial console won’t go away on the PC when the Jetson locks or reboots).