Jetson Xavier suddenly shutdowns and reboots

I have my Jetson Xavier AGX powered up with AC cord.

Every now and then, the system freezes and then subsequently shutdowns and reboots.
Sometimes it freezes when its doing its reboot, attatched the image in the boot process where it halts. And in that cases, I have to do a reset of the unit by unplugging the AC.

However, I have another Xavier AGX where I connect to the same AC cord, but this unit never shutdowns nor freezes like the first unit.

What to do? Shall I return it?


Hi Robin ,

How did you flash the board?
Can you try re-flashing Jetpack on the board using SDKmanager?

@neel_patel I tried reflash the Xavier with Jetpack 4.4 but the issue remains.
It every now and then just freezes and then reboots itself.

hello robin.andersson,

may I know what’s your use-case.
it seems you had two Xavier platforms, are you running same process on them and got different results?