Jetson AFX Xavier not booting (FRM also not working)


I would like to ask what could be wrong with the Xavier if it is not booting and we cannot reinstall Jetpack using FRM. Xavier was used as usually, turned off from Ubuntu GUI and it has not started since that day. We also tried to reinstall Jetpack as initially, but it is not possible to detect the device (tested also with other Xavier, which is detectable). LED is the only thing which is working at the moment. Is there anything we can try to diagnose from HW point of view, which would clearly tell us if it is possible to fix the problem easily or not? Thank you.

Is this your first time doing reflash work?

If everything is done correctly, and you are not using a VM, and if the Jetson cannot be detected (but other Jetsons do detect), then perhaps you could swap the module to a different carrier board. If the problem follows the carrier board, then it is a problem of the carrier board; if the problem follows the module, then the module is the problem.

No, I’ve done it a few times already.

That is something I wanted to try as well. I am just waiting for the second Jetson, because my colleague is busy working on it now.

Btw, backups are useful, and as it turns out, a clone (backup) is also a good test of basic recovery mode operation.

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