xorg.conf problems on Ubuntu 9.04, dual Xeon 64 with GeForce FX5200 failure of Xwindows after nvidia

I installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 9.04 (64 bit on a dual Xeon machine) using a GeForce VX 5200 card and driver. The Ubuntu packaged nvidia driver (not updated) worked fine. Then I installed a C870 card and installed the latest linux driver off your website without problems. However, when I try bring up Xwindows after this driver install it crashes. The debug file is attached here.

Thanks for your help.

nvidia_bug_report.log.gz (32.5 KB)

never mind - bought 6200 card and installed latest driver and the problem was fixed. Thx anyway.


The FX5200 isn’t supported by the driver that supports your C870, but the Geforce 6200 is…