i can not use my card in ubuntu


this is my pc

board asrock p4i45GV
pentium IV 2.4GHZ
nVidia GeForce FX5200

i will be to explain my problem

i use ubuntu ultimate edition 2.3 based in ubuntu 9.04, kernel 2.6.28-14-generic

i start my pc -> F2 -> enter to Bios -> Primary Graphics Adapter = Internal VGA
enter to ubuntu very good -> i use this guide by install the drivers http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=99513

reboot my pc -> enter again to ubuntu -> in terminal writte -> sudo nvidia-xconfig -> restart again my pc
enter to Bios -> primary Graphics Adapter = AGI

this is my problem:
When the screen with the loading bar, it is not loaded and then appear a series of diagonal lines and the system dont load.

If when appear the screen loading Ubuntu, press Alt + F1, I can last several errors and last says:
tty1 respawning too fast, stopped

then i try enter in recovery mode, but the system dont load, and i can see this error:
/bin/sh: 6: /sbin/sulogin: invalid argument
init: rcS-sulogin main process (xxxx) terminated with status 2

then i enter to bios and change again my PGA to Internal VGA and the system load normal.

please help me, i need use my card GeForce FX5200


Do you want to use you card with CUDA? Your card isn’t a CUDA enabled device.

I found the answer in the Ubuntu Foruns

Ubuntu Forums

posted by mojo6911

It basicly disables your onboard vidio (in this case intel) by blacklisting it (make linux ignore it). I did the same on my windows xp side by disabling the onboard video card using the the device manager.

I hope this helps

I follow the steps and it works.