Xorg service won't start with tesla t4 470.63 Driver

Hi, good afternoon to everyone

I am writing this post, because we have some trouble setting up 3 Nvidia Tesla T4 graphics cards on a new server in VmWare, we cannot use the GPUs. The problem is related to the Xorg service, this service stopped on its own and is no longer running.

Tech Information:
Driver version: Nvidia-SMI 470.63
Service: X.Org Server
Graphic Card Settings: Direct share
VMware Horizon: 8.0.0 build - 16592062
vSphere Client version

Can you help me with some information or documentation?



And what is your issue with T4? The GPUs are properly recognized

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HI @sschaber thanks for your reply. Sorry, but I understand that service was necessary for Graphic card works correctly.

But i found this information about the Service X ORG: VMware Knowledge Base

i made some tests and works correctly without the process X ORG are running


Thanks for the update. Exactly what I expected :)

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