XPT2046 - 5' resistive touch LCD Display


I recently bought XPT2046 but could not find a way to make the display to work well with TX1 dev kit. There is display but the touchscreen part does not work well(connected to TX1 via USB). Is there the right way to make this connection?

Does this mean the touchscreen mouse movement function has some success? Is the way the mouse is controlled the main issue?

No, the touchscreen does not work at all, but by using another USB mouse connected to dev kit, it works.

Can you please suggest a few of compatible touchscreen LCD that works out of the box with TX1?

There are probably no touch screens which work “out of the box” (though someone may know of one)…HDMI can work out of the box for video and audio (even this is not without pain), but the touch portion probably needs a driver compiled. In this case more information is needed on the hardware such that it can be compared for required touch screen driver (it’s USB “human input device” standard device in some cases, but may be custom in others).

If you can give more information on the hardware it would help.

Information from the USB subsystem itself could add to this. The command “lsusb” gives a list of devices seen on USB. The output of each item will have an “ID”, the format will be similar to “1234:5678”. You can restrict the query to just this device with the “-d” option, and tell it to give verbose information which you can paste here, e.g., something like:

sudo lsusb -d 1234:5678 -vvv | tee usb_device_info.txt

I also want 10.1" FullHD display with touch.
Is there any LCD or touchscreen working with TX1?

In below post, 14" AUO display works woth TX1 using eDP. But i don’t know this LCD is with touch or not?

Any other recommendation?