XXXX.exe file has stopped working?

Hey guys, I’ve a problem with debugging the executable file, it compiled well with PGI and generating exe file, but when I run it it I have this error (.exe has stopped working).

It means that your code has caused a critical problem in host code usually, such as a seg fault. Without more details, it’s impossible to say anything else. You should be able to use ordinary debugging techniques to narrow down to the line of code that is causing the problem.

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First, code hasn’t a problem because I have run the exe file at another two(2) GPUs and it works well beside it is very simple and copied from a textbook.

“at another two(2) GPUs”

in chronological order, name the 3 gpus in question

Last Saturday in a session with friends. mine which has a problem is (GeForce GT 525M), it was working properly, even I’ve recovered my laptop and reinstalled everything related to my GPU…,

I’m really so sorry for annoying and appreciate your interesting

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Code is attached, written by Fortran and compiled by PGI

Ex1.txt (719 Bytes)

“Last Saturday in a session with friends. mine which has a problem is (GeForce GT 525M)”

and the gpus of your friends?
a quick check would be to compare your gpu, with that of your friends; thus, the previous question

“it was working properly”

to confirm, the code worked on your friends pcs, but has thus far never worked on your machine?

Unfortunately, I don’t remember them GPUs model but one of them is older than mine

yea it was working well on my machine,

what I feel the error caused by something related to the CPU but I couldn’t catch it
because the compiler is compiling well…!

have you tried to run the exe file I’ve attached ?

i can not run .exe, and i am not sure if i am fully fortran enabled

i suppose you would need to acquaint your application with lord debugger

LoooooooL, really thank you for your interesting,

problem totally solved by updating the windows