YoloV8 on Jetson Nano

Hi. Would like to ask but is the Jetson built to withstand the capacity of YoloV8?

I’ve been running a YoloV8 detection on my Jetson Nano but upon checking the tegrastats, there is a continuous rise in core temperature.
Beyond 10 minutes or so, the core temperature hits 70C where the jetson is prompted to warn about a hot surface.
I have also built my code in such a way that it does not detect every frame from a video to preserve the processing performance. I only implemented a camera that captures an image and does not livestream a feed so that the YoloV8 does not process all of the possible frames.

Curious, but I have questions regarding this one.

  1. Is the Jetson Nano able to withstand the capacity of the YoloV8?
  2. I’m building an autonomous machine that is supposed to be deployed outdoors. Not fixing the issue of the core temperature could put me in a bad place. I’m curious as to what happens to the Jetson Nano once it hits the maximum temperature that it can handle. Does the Jetson Nano have a backup shutdown just in case?

Thanks for responding


1. It looks like the YOLOv8 can work on your environment.
2. Should be system shutdown.


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Does the core or jetson nano not get damaged when it reaches this certain tegrastats temp?


No, Jetson has a protection mechanism so the device will back to normal once the temperature drops.