You are installing an older driver version. The system...

first window in the CUDA toolkit setup shows this warning:

“You are installing an older driver version. The system may install a newer version when the computer is docked or undocked.”

should I worry about this?
also how can I search on this forum?

Thank you.

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not sure why you are installing an older driver.
deselect the option to install the driver and keep your newer driver

to search, look at the top black bar on this page. Over to the right there is a magnifying glass shape. Click on it.

Thank you very much for your reply. I choose

  • windows
  • x86_64
  • 10
  • exe (local)

from this webpage
and I ran the setup file to install CUDA. I have Visual studio 2015 already installed on my system. and that message showed on the first window.
I will try to install everything under CUDA option only, after selecting custom installation instead of express.

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Even I am having the same problem after downloading the CUDA Toolkit by making following selections according to my laptop:
The GPU is GeForce GTX 1070.

Please help.


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I am also seeing the same issue, see attached screen shot.
That message comes up when the installer started and is on the “System Check”, so we have not even accepted the license agreement yet.

I proceeded by choosing to not install the older display driver packaged in the CUDA toolkit, and keep my newer drivers. So this does not seem to be a blocking issue.


Having the same problem here.

I am installing Cuda 10.1 on Windows 10 with the latest driver for my Geforce GTX 1060. It turns out that this error message is displayed at the wrong time.

Click continue, choose Custom Installation, and uncheck drivers, geforce experience, and physx.

IMHO, this error message should show after someone picks Express Installation or Custom Installation but keep the drivers.


Just had the same error too.

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