2.0r9 / tegra nsight 1.5.1 upgrade issue.

We have upgraded several of our development machines without issue. The project upgraded mostly fine, a few minor configurations had to be fixed but all was fine. Today we upgraded another machine from 2.0r8 to 2.0r9 and it all seemed to go through as normal, until we reran dev studio, it no longer picks up any devices in the list.

adb devices on the command line will list the device, using adb we can push apk/files etc as per normal but we are unable to debug etc as the nsight extension will no see the device. We have checked drivers and reinstalled everything etc.

Help! Is there something obvious we have missed?

The plot thickens… When I try to load the sample code inside of C:\NVPACK\TDK_Samples\tegra_android_native_samples_v10p14 Visual C reports that they are made with an older version of NSight Tegra… This is despite manually installing NVIDIA_Nsight_Tegra_Release_1.5.1.14105.msi just now…

Somehow when installing tadp-2.0r9-windows.exe

The sample code projects all have:


Instead of


How can this be?

After two days reinstalling and digging around we have nailed this down to the machine in question having a different default ADB port set in Environment Variables via the ANDROID_ADB_SERVER_PORT variable. This setting has been in place for well over a year now but it seems the latest NSight Tegra doesnt like anything but the default port of 5037.

Hope this info is useful for anybody else with the same problem.

Hi MrSandMan,

Seems like we forgot to update the rev number in the samples, we’ll do that. It shouldn’t affect anything, transition from 5 to 6 only makes changes in old DebugOnly projects. I’ve added a ticket regarding the port into our internal bug tracker. Thank you for reporting this!

adrianpbrown, please try that and see if using the default port works for you.

Adrian was reporting the issue on my machine… we started to think that the installer was grabbing the wrong samples as we were had no idea that the adb port was the problem. It was only after some searching through the HD that I found the log file that showed it was finding adb ok but failing to connect. Ive been using a custom ADB port since Tegra V1 (over 18 months) so it looks like something has changed in the latest revision that has broken this functionality.

Oh, I’m sorry, it never occurred to me you were related - makes sense. Yep, we recently rewrote our device status tracker to use the adb server via sockets as that particular functionality is not available in the adb client for some reason. We’ll definitely fix the issue before the next release.