2nd Monitor Slow/Lag when using NVIDIA driver

Fresh install of Fedora 37, but also tried Arch and Ubuntu. Tried both 515 and 520 drivers.

Razer Blade 15 - i7-12800H, 32GB. Laptop which has both Intel and Nvidia 3070Ti Laptop

After installing Linux, using the 2nd monitor is extremely fast - using just the Intel driver. Laptop screen at 240Hz, 2nd Monitor at 60Hz.

However after installing the NVIDIA driver, there is a huge lag on the 2nd monitor.

It is connected with Thunderbolt. Has no issues in Windows, only in Linux. I have tried both at 60Hz and it didnt make it better. I tried booting only with NVIDIA discrete gpu enabled and it is slightly better, but nowhere near just the intel driver.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (235.2 KB)

All I can say is you’re using gnome/wayland on an “Advanced Optimus” notebook so both monitors are still driven by the intel gpu and the nvidia driver shouldn’t have any influence on it. Rather open a bug report on the ubuntu bugtracker for gnome-shell.