3080 failed to render the official Attic scene while 3090 have no problem at all

When I tried to load the scene,every thing seemed to be normal,but as soon as I switch to patch trace mode,Omniverse throwed"failed to signal external semaphore in cuda" and “CUDA_ERROR_OPTIX_ERROR” message.The scene looks real bad.I tried loding the scene on a 3090,erery thing worked nicely.
I have monitored the VRAM,it seemed the attic scene used about 8.3-9.7 G vram on both machine.I have no idea why I can’t properly on RTX3080.
Please help.

I have also tried the “compatible drivers”,not helpful.
At above i have uploaded the message shown in console.Is that indicate the lack of vram?Is there any way to get around?

Looks like there are multiple GPUs in this machine. Any chance there’s a GPU with less VRAM in there? It might be running on that one. Can you share the log file here? It will declare which GPU it’s running on at the start of the log.

I have a single 3080 in this machine,the 3090 I mentioned is in another system.Could you please provide the location of the log file?Thanks in advance.

One of the first few log messages lists the exact log file. Also, there’s a folder button at the top left of the console window that opens the folder containing the log files.