[418.30] Warthunder Frame stutter every 10-15s for 3s

I just want to report that with this beta driver there is a warthunder frame stutter that happens under VULKAN api for this game which must be enabled in the config.blk file and game launched directed by aces.

The stutter happens with and without gsync, and regardless of settings that I have tried so far, its otherwise a smooth experience except for that 3sec period of frame skipping/stuttering, its very consistent.

I do not remember this happening in previous driver versions!

Has anyone played this game with vulkan flags set in config.blk and experience this issue?

Note these fields must be changed from auto to vulkan, run aces exe from linux64 folder.


431.60 has the same stutter… I’m about to go insane, just reformatted my PC aswell only to have the exact same stutter where the whole picture freezes/skips and i only drop 2-3 frames on the FPS counter when it happens.

using 430.28 atm and didn’t notice any stutter when testing vulkan out on win64 and native client. I mostly use DX11 atm due to some nice reshade effects I need to clean up the TAA.

Perhaps roll back to 430.28 and test again? I have heard there are all sorts of issues cropping up in the 430 drivers and perhaps 431 now also. Not sure what NVIDIA are doing.

Anyway when the stuttering was occurring it was found to be related to object shadowing or something, try disabling those (and others if need be) in the graphics settings and see what happens.

You can test the game with vulkan by using aces -forcestart -driver:vulkan instead of editing the config.blk all the time.

Which DE and version? Compositing?

Using Manjaro XFCE WM4 compositor. If I’m to change to something in the future it might be Pop_OS!

I rolled back my drivers to the 430.86, the last driver i could remember that didnt have this awful skipping and voila, got a nearly stutter free game again it seems, i myself wonder what nvidia are up to, hopefully they resolve this as it seems to not just be one specific driver version :/

DISCLAIMER: I am not the author of this post so the original issue has not been resolved, my specific issue however does seem to have been resolved by rolling back my drivers. Hope you get your issue fixed OP because that lag was unbearable.

Edit: nvm, it’s not fixed, stutter is still there so my next move will be to go back to my AMD card, yay.

The xfwm compositor is known to not work with the nvidia proprietary driver and gaming or even watching videos with mpv, please check if disabling compositing removes the stutter.

I don’t believe this is true, and I haven’t had a issue with xfwm.

This is not a matter of belief. Did you test with compositing disabled?

why would I do that?