4GB with Jetson TK1

I want to add 4GB DRAM to a TK1 system. The current documentation is for 2GB.
Please answer the following questions:

  1. What DRAM will definitely work>
  2. At what frequency?
  3. What register values s will need to be changed to what?
  4. Where is this documented?
  5. What are the gotchas?

Hi powerbeam,

We have created an instruction for 4GB RAM support on TK1, please refer below topic:


  1. Please provide what DRAM part number will definitely work for a 4GB design?
  2. At what frequency have they been demonstrated?
  3. Can you provide schematic/layout of the working 4GB design?
  4. What are the gotchas? Is there anything I should be careful of?

If you look into kayccc’s topic and unzip the attachment, you can find the P/N is Hynix H5TC8G63AMR_PBA, 792Mhz
Schematic and layout are same as previous reference board, you need to do steps listed in that topic.