545.29.02 VRR HDMI 100% not working

LG C1 hdmi VRR kinda tries to work if I set frequency to 60Hz but it flickers to black.
With 100Hz or 120Hz frequency VRR is 100% not working, it’s completely broken…

Why… why don’t you guys test stuff before publishing it ?

Even the open gpu driver was published with a mismatch 02 vs 03 version and will not load… and I’m sure VRR will also not work.

EDIT: yep , open driver has exactly the same issue.

Yep, I posted about this bug during the beta and got zero response from the Nvidia devs: 545 drivers have bad flickering and black screen issues when VRR is enabled - #8 by UrbenLegend

Crazy how this slipped through QA.

Unfortunate, had hoped it would get fixed before this is no longer marked “beta” (given then we make it available to our users in testing, albeit most users remain on a production branch), albeit I believe this latest release was mostly for security fixes (all branches were updated for CVEs) so I doubt it had much else going on.

Edit: reminder that this is still a “new feature branch” (NFB), these are often more volatile – if really want to not be at the forefront of issues, use a production one (aka 535.129.03 for current latest non-NFB which got released at the same time as 545.29.02)

We have filed a bug [4363431] internally for tracking purpose.
I was able to repro issue locally, team is currently debugging the issue.
Shall keep updated on the same.

Issue has been root caused and fix will be available in future release drivers.

Any ETA ? Beta driver ?