9800GT Users 9800GT CUDA fixes n solutions

Just installed my Galaxy 9800GT card for Games and Cuda! Disposed my MSI 8800GTS
(G90) for better features (I assumed too early).

But, after installing Drivers 177.84, Cuda2.0 toolkit, SDK v2.0, then I get “application failed to iniatialized…”. What is wrong here? I checked with Display properties , the driver version is this must be wrong, the last digit should be 4, right?

Also, read the CUDA 2.0 release notes, it does not support 9800GT!! (maybe they forgot to put it there) … is this the problem?

Anyway I tried this on XP32bit and XP64 bit with the 9800GT, both results are the same.

The older MSI 8800GTS was fine and run CUDA without any problem.

Your assistance is highly appreciated.