A few issues with cameras exported from Blender

Hello! I’ve been noticing a few issues with Blender cameras exported to USD (and imported in Composer):

  1. Imported cameras are huge. No matter if converted to cm or not. I think this also happens in UE5 but I’ll have to test that later. The camera is in the correct position, meaning the XForm scale is correct, just the camera “widget” is oversized:

    I think this issue is related to this thread.

  2. Cameras that are not converted to cm during export have 100x smaller aperture and focal length values (e.g. 0.36 instead of 36), which is a problem because the minimum focal length value supported is 0.5, so a 35mm FL camera imported from Blender (as 0.35) will look like a 50mm one.
    Converted Camera (expected)
    Not converted Camera

That’s all I can remember at the moment. If I find more I’ll report them here.

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