A quick question about the OmniGraph Draw Screen Space Text


I’d like to use the “Draw Screen Space Text” Graph to show some text in the viewport. But the problem is that I have 3 viewports, how can I configure the “Draw Screen Space Text” node, so the text can be shown in the desired Viewport, or at least the default one.

I currently have the viewports with the names “Viewport”, “Viewport 2” and “Viewport 3”, and the text popped up in “ViewPort 2”, but it want it to be shown in “Viewport”.



Hi @juxiaozhu - The “Draw Screen Space Text” node in Isaac Sim allows you to display text in a specific viewport. However, the node might not provide an option to select a specific viewport by name.

Here are a few workarounds you can try:

  1. Change the order of the viewports: The “Draw Screen Space Text” node might display the text in the first viewport it finds. If this is the case, you can try changing the order of the viewports so that the desired viewport is found first.
  2. Use a single viewport: If possible, you can try consolidating your viewports into a single viewport. This might not be feasible depending on your specific use case.

Hello, rthaker

Thanks for your reply. The first option seems more proper for us, and we will try it out.


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