A way to use an object as a mask?

Hello everyone !

I’m looking to make a text appearance effect.
To do this, I modeled the text that I want to appear, as well as what could serve as a mask, an animated model that hides (or reveals, it is possible to reverse the animation) the text.

In the following video, the first part is captured under Maya, the second part is captured under Create.

In the first part, I highlighted (in green wire) the object that can be used as a mask

In the second part, we see that I use the Matte effect in white to mask the text with the background, also in white.

However, we can see that at certain times, the text does not reveal itself correctly, and that there are holes, the time that the mask passes again on the still unrevealed areas.

Is there a way to REALLY make an object disappear behind another, in a certain way, so that the object you want to hide has an evolution of its “Primary Visibility” by using another object as controller.

I’m not looking for a way to create a green screen, I already know how to do that, without even having to leave Maya, but for the production I’m working on, I really need to make this text appear like so someone was writing it. By doing a classic green screen, I get a fairly similar result, which doesn’t solve anything. I would therefore need to REALLY make the object appear gradually and do the rendering on Create, without having to composite this part afterwards.

If you have any ideas, I’m all ears !

Thanks in advance for all your advices !

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Hello @billyjohn1! I’ve reached out to the Create team for some assistance. I will post back as soon as I hear back!

Hi @WendyGram !

Any news concerning my issue ?

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Hi @WendyGram !

Still no news ?

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Billy John