How to gradually make meshes disappear?

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I have a particular question, is there a way to make a mesh gradually disappear ? By that I mean to gradually fade out meshes, either according to the timeline or according to their position in space (when an object enters an area, it gradually disappears until it becomes completely invisible, with maybe the possibility to set the duration of the disappearance)

Can we do something, either directly on the mesh, or on the material (the simplest being to have an effect on the mesh, since, if there are tens or hundreds of objects, make the material evolve would amount to creating as many materials as there are meshes) ?

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You can only toggling mesh visibility.


For fading you can use material opacity.


I only tried the mesh visibility though.

Hi !

I tried these two options, but the first one simply toggle the visibility to ON or OFF, no fading inbetween, and for the second one, as soon as I move the “Opacity Amount” from 1 to 0.99 the object disappears !

Have you tried path tracing and iray for the option 2?

Also there is this tool, I see it from machinima start:

I haven’t tried Path Tracing yet on this project, Basically, I prefer to use RT, because I cannot manage to limit the weird blurry effect on some meshes/materials and it doesn’t appear in RT…

Hi @pekka.varis ! And thank you for participating to this topic !

I haven’t tried Machinima because my workflow relies on Create…

What are the main differences between the 2 softs ? What does Machinima could provide that Create cannot ?

Ok, so it totaly depends on Path Tracing…

If I want to give that “fade out effect” I have to use Path Tracing…

Coud anyone give me some advices on what to tweak to prevent the “blurry” effect on noisy textures ?
The Path Tracing Rendering has always given me the impression of being of better quality but this “fuzzy” side has always blocked my productions…

Another question (but on the same topic) Is there a way to make this parameter automatically decreasing based on, for exemple, the position of the mesh in the scene ? On my project, I would like to make the meshes slowly disappear as soon as the they cross a certain “line” of the scene…And make it, for example, fade in 10 frames…

You can make animation keyframes

If your sample count is low, the denoiser will make your image blurry. Try increase sample count.

Thank you for your advices, but I never managed to understand the difference between these different parameters !
Is it better to increase those of Render Settings ? Or those of Movie Capture ?
Do some prevail over others ?
Are some more effective than others ?
Which scale of values is, in your experience, the most appropriate ?


By the way, thank you a lot for all your help !

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You should only care about the second pictures, it’s what comes out to files. You need to increase both of these numbers and they should be equal. Try 8, 16, 32,… My advice comes from my trial and error, not any technically reliable source.

Ok so, basically, the settings in the Render Settings only impact what we see in the viewport, while the settings in Movie Capture directly impacts the quality of the output rendering ? Is that what you are writing ?

Anyway, I will give it a try ! Thanks again !

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Billy John.


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Sorry for the delay.
So looks like you learned already how to use curve editors keyframe tools to key opacity values to your objects?

Machinima is more to strorytelling and building camera-movements, using sequencer to lay out animated characters and such.

Create is the main app, where you build scenes, setup simulations like flow or blast and collaborate.

The section tool:

but maybe for you the opacity animation is better since it´s so simple to make.

Thanks @pekka.varis !

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