A2F 2022.1 does not work well

Have installed the latest version of A2F 2022.1. Seems that the previous problem does’t occur(Audio2face launch faield - #4 by WendyGram) However, still can’t use A2F on vGPU due to the following err
kit_20220721_161926.log (95.0 MB)

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Is there any update on this issue?

I am also trying Audio2Fce 2022.1 on vGPU(RTXA6000-24Q) and have the same error saying

[Error] [omni.gpucompute-cuda.plugin] CUDA error in mallocAsync: operation not supported: (…)
[Error] [omni.gpucompute-cuda.plugin] cudaMemcpyAsync failed to copy (…)


Not yet
I am also waitting for the reply

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Thank you for your patience and interest in the latest A2F. We are looking into this issue and will get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks!

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@siyuen Any progress on this issue? Looks like many customers are hitting this issue.

Yes, we found a bug on Kit SDK with VGPU in certain hardware and instance. We have a patch coming that will fix this. Thanks.

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The VGPU bug has been fixed, please give the new 2022.1.1 hotfix a try.


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Dear, 2022.1.1, this version still failed on me when I open it up, it said ( Failed to built Auto Emotional engine)
and still happen… I am using Laptop RTX 3050ti!
Any solution ? I am feel like Emotional Damaged!

Can you provide a log from the latest version?