A2F "Data Export" is missing on A2F tab?

I’ve completed my character transfer and now want to export the data as a USD CACHE per the video tutorial.

This section is missing. Please see attached images.
1 - video tutorial shows “Data Export”: https://snipboard.io/BXJECL.jpg
2 - my A2F is missing “Data Export”: https://snipboard.io/wTLuQ2.jpg

I’m using Windows 10.0.19042 Build 19042 & A2F vers 2021.3.3

Thanks for the ping and interest in A2F.

As our data export options increase, we have moved it to a different tab, it is under A2F Data Conversion tab now. It is the highlighted tab from your image. Hope this helps.

Some of the video tutorial are before this switch. We will update some of the videos again when we get a chance. Thanks.

I’m duplicating the tutorial here: How to Use Audio2Face in NVIDIA Omniverse Machinima - YouTube but replacing the Imperial Legionary head & character with a CC head & character. In A2F, I used the CC head, did the A2F pipeline (with it successfully being lip-synced to marc), & exported it as USD Cache. However, I can’t get the CC head and the CC character to lipsync in Omniverse, even though the CC head is the same as the CC character (just as the Legionary head is the same as the Legionary character in the tutorial). So I replaced the CC character with the (original) CC head that was used to create the USD cache export, and was able to lipsync that to the USD Cache as shown in the tutorial. The only difference is that my CC character has blendshapes…so I’m wondering if I need to do a blendshape conversion in A2F and export that instead?