About flying robots, drones, Omniverse, and Isaac

Hello there

We want to set up a quadcopter drone to inspect a set of different locations, warehouses, indoor and outdoor facilities, security areas, etc. The idea is to simulate obstacle avoidance, measure the time to complete the task, simulate algorithms like object detection, detect anomalies in the scenario, etc.

We want to do a fully digital experience before moving to the real world, this is very convenient for us for many reasons. So, before building/buying a drone, we want to simulate it with Nvidia Omniverse and Isaac, if possible.

We have our scenarios digitalized with different tools and we can import them to Omniverse.

However, so far we’ve found there is no clear support for flying robots, examples, demos, etc.

We may be open to build a drone based on Jetson boards, but we prefer to focus on the simulation of a commercial drone and work on the data, navigation, decision making, etc.

Could you suggest us which would be the recommended approach with Nvidia tools?


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Interested as well.

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I have the same problem. I understand that we can design a plugin that support Software In the Loop (SITL) like px4 gazeebo plugin. Bit I have not seen any demos regarding flying vehicles