Simulating a Quadcopter

Hi everyone

I’ve been investigating the last days how to simulate a drone in isaac sim but there is not any information about it. I would like to simulate four rotors and change the velocity of each one.

In gazebo I use this plugin. Is there a similar plugin in isaac sim?

thank you in advance

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Unfortunately, we currently don’t have a similar plugin in Isaac Sim.

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Hi @ltorabi, any plan on this? I’m trying to simulate a drone but, independently how fast the propellers rotate it is not flying :(

still not in the plan for near future, probably some support in Q3 2022


Hi @ltorabi @Hammad_M, anything like rotors_simulator ( instead? I’m looking into something similar myself.

Pretty much every controller out there for dinner works with the propeller speeds, unless I’ve missed something.

Is there any workaround to have a planning/navigation in 3D that can avoid obstacles? Even if it’s not super realistic it would be great.

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