Simulating a Quadcopter

Hi everyone

I’ve been investigating the last days how to simulate a drone in isaac sim but there is not any information about it. I would like to simulate four rotors and change the velocity of each one.

In gazebo I use this plugin. Is there a similar plugin in isaac sim?

thank you in advance


Unfortunately, we currently don’t have a similar plugin in Isaac Sim.

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Hi @ltorabi, any plan on this? I’m trying to simulate a drone but, independently how fast the propellers rotate it is not flying :(

still not in the plan for near future, probably some support in Q3 2022


Hi @ltorabi @Hammad_M, anything like rotors_simulator (GitHub - ethz-asl/rotors_simulator: RotorS is a UAV gazebo simulator) instead? I’m looking into something similar myself.

Pretty much every controller out there for dinner works with the propeller speeds, unless I’ve missed something.

Is there any workaround to have a planning/navigation in 3D that can avoid obstacles? Even if it’s not super realistic it would be great.

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Hello, was anyone able to simulate this?

@ltorabi Any news on the support for this?


“Big shout to get quadcopter support in IsaacSim” : )

Hi @Te77iiiii_Ho - Please review this document for quadcopter. GitHub - PegasusSimulator/PegasusSimulator: A framework built on top of NVIDIA Isaac Sim for simulating drones with PX4 support and much more

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Or GitHub - eliabntt/GRADE-RR: Generating Animated Dynamic Environments for Robotics Research

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