About MCX75310AAS-HEAT transceivers

MCX75310AAS-HEAT 200G speed but The interface is osfp Which type of transceivers I need to use

Pls check below RN,


Do I need to use 400G OSFP or 200G OSFP transceivers

If you use 400GE/NDR then you need OSFP, 200GE/HDR is QSFP.

The link list supported transceiver model, you can select as reference.

The list not found NDR 200 OSFP transceivers
So please make sure which transceivers the OSFP 200G adapter uses

I checked with product team, NDR200 OSFP transceiver EOL.

Now you can use NDR400 OSFP transceiver on HCA NDR200 port, then link to switch.


MMA4Z00-NS400, MMS4X00-NS/NL400

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