Access Pointcloud data of RTX

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Hi, I have seen this solution for accessing the pointcloud data, but I think that they have updated the Compute Lidar Point Cloud node as it no longer have any attribute named pointCloudData. It only have a Dataptr output.

How can I access Point cloud data now?

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Hi @emaadahmedx4 - Please review this document and look for pointcloud table. Let me know if you still have questions.

Hi, I have seen that documentation earlier, I wanted to ask like is there any node which gives Pointcloud data in usual form like a tuple containing angle and linear depth, I can only see nodes giving out either only linear depth data or distance.
Or do i have to use azimuth and linear depth to form a pointcloud tuple?

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I have the same question.
Have you solved this issue?

By the way I solved this by converting points from spherical coordinates to cartesian

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