Action Graph - Node Deletion

Initally I had a Sample/Test USD scene which had an action graph. I then brought-in another USD with another action graph. I started trying to merge them together / take parts from another & build mine up.

At some point, I could no longer delete nodes (visibly). Their “Property” panel would blank out & disappear from “Stage” panel but not from Action Graph.

-I ended up moving them to the side, they won’t highlight either.

Create.Next.rar (626.5 KB) Log Files

Thank you for letting us know about this important bug. I will try to re-create it here. Have you managed to proceed and get your scene to work ? Is this error repeating when you try ?

I managed to recreate it in the viewport as well. I had brought in a USD, Deleted it, it disapeared from Stage but still remained in Viewport unelectable. I don’t think I have the scene anymore, but I can try to replicate upon request. (trying to figure out liquid sims).

The bugged scene works just fine. I’ll look into it over the weekend & possibly upload a broken scene on Monday.
Thank you.