Composer locks up when deleting connects between OG nodes

Has anyone ran into an issue where USD Composer locks up often when you disconnect two nodes by right clicking on the connector and selecting “disconnect”? My USD Composer nearly always locks up if I remote a link in that way. But it also locks up at times when I delete a node. I find myself force quitting Composer frequently and needing to save my work before I delete anything.

@tsosnoski just curious - does this happen across any two nodes or are you using two specific ones that can be easily repro’d? not sure if you could take a screenshot of the OG graph for better context.

I believe it’s between any two nodes. But I will confirm to make sure it’s not happening when it’s tied to a specific node. I’ll recreate it today and take a short video/gif.

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Yes please try to capture this specific bug and I will file a ticket to investigate.


I am using program version: USD Create 2023.2.0.

I tested it a second time first trying to disconnect other nodes. It locked up again when I disconnected a link to a Make3Vector.


@tsosnoski not sure if this will matter or it’s even relevant, but is it possible to mention your system spec? uploading the Composer log could help the devs to troubleshoot the issue as well 🙂

We have discovered that this is already fixed as a known bug and it will be automatically corrected in the next release, which is already pending

Great to hear! Thanks for digging into it!