Adaptive Sampling breaks Multi mattes

Just playing around wanting to output some mattes on a scene with adaptive sampling turned on I noticed they get broken when this feature is turn on.

Additionally when I try to look at the PT Adaptive Sampling Error Debug View is basically a guaranteed crash
although in general the Debug View is extremely crash prone so it makes it hard to dial in textures and sampling.

As a workaround I can turn off AS and render the mattes and then Finish the main beauty pass separate with AS Turned on.


Hello @TerryPXM! Thank you for taking the time to report this! I am sending this bug over to the team so that we can fix it!

A development ticket was created from this post. OM-74292: Adaptive Sampling breaks Multi mattes

Hi @TerryPXM, thanks again for this report! We are looking into it.
Additionally, we would like to improve the stability of the Debug View. Do you have any simple steps for reproducing a crash?

Thanks for getting back, I had run into the issue as soon as I turn on adaptive sampling, I’m in windows 10 with a 3090 and lastest studio driver to date.