Add viewport issue after update Create to 2022.1.0 Beta

Hi all
I have a test extension which create a new viewport window in a button click callback, I used omni.kit.viewport module, after update to Create 2022.1.0 Beta, this module seems change to omni.kit.viewport_legacy.So I only replace omni.kit.viewport to omni.kit.viewport_legacy and run my extension.
The console output this log every frame, and if I drag in viewport, the fps will reduce.

2022-03-25 03:50:41 [52,495ms] [Error] [] AttributeError: ‘DrawSceneViewportManager’ object has no attribute ‘_skeleton’
e:\insov\inssimulation\app\extscache\omni.anim.retarget.ui-103.1.6+103.1.cp37\omni\anim\retarget\ui\scripts\ _on_update

How can I fix this?

Hello @user76666! I am passing this issue along to the development team. Could you please attach your full logs just in case there is something in them that can help us identify the issue?

log.txt (1.1 MB)
Hi @WendyGram
Sorry for late reply, this log still print every frame after update to 2022.1.1 Beta
Reproduce path:

  1. open stage: Window → Animation → Animation Graph Samples → blend
  2. wirte a extension create other viewport(because Create can not new viewport)
  3. watch the console output

I create a new viewport by snippet below

view_port_factory = omni.kit.viewport_legacy.acquire_viewport_interface()
handle = view_port_factory.create_instance()
viewport_window = view_port_factory.get_viewport_window(handle)
viewport_window.set_window_size(720, 720)
viewport_window.set_window_pos(0, 0)

Look forward to your reply.