Adding a New Manipulator with two hands


In this tutorial, all explanations are related to single arm manipulators. I am trying to follow described steps for ABB Yumi with two hands. I am stuck at this step, " Adding a Follow Target Task." My solution is to add two cubes to follow with each arm. But, there is no information on adding multiple objects in the same scene. Any suggestions, please?

The currently supported approach would be to treat the two arms as separate robots.

Multi-target support is planned for a future release.

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Thanks, I learned it the hard way. Comparing previous releases, Isaac Sim has improved a lot. Also, the dynamic controller is not open-sourced yet, am I correct? So it is tough to understand what is going on in that library, like (get_articulation_controller)

We try. :-)

get_articulation_controller() is actually part of the omni.isaac.core Articulation interface, rather than the older (now deprecated) “dynamic control” interface.

It’s relatively well-documented: Core [omni.isaac.core] — isaac_sim 2022.2.1-beta.29 documentation

In addition, the current version of Isaac Core is implemented completely in python, so all the source is available.

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