The Robot does not follow the exact target position

I tried to follow the Adding a New Manipulator tutorial to build my custom robot. The following video is I create a custom robot, and it seems to work.

When I tried to add a robot to another created scene, you can see the following video’s robot didn’t follow the exact position.

Here are three questions I hope someone can help me to figure out.

  1. In video 1, how to speed up the robot arm’s motion?
  2. In video 1, why did the other robot arm move when I only change the vertical direction position?
  3. In video 2, how to fix the robot to move to the exact position?

Hi @vic-chen -
I think this one of the Isaac Sim livestream video will be helpful to you especially from 30:00 mins : Isaac Sim/Robotics Weekly Livestream: From Single to Multi Robot Environment - YouTube

Hi @rthaker ,
Thanks for sharing the livestream video, I know how the deal with my second and third question. But my 1st question not mentioned in the video. Can you help me to know how to control the robot arm’s motion speed?

Hi @vic-chen - You can adjust the speed of the robot arm’s motion through the GUI by modifying the joint velocity limits. You can select the particular joint from robot’s arm and then in property window, find the Velocity limit property and update the speed.

Remember that speeding up a robot arm’s motion can increase the risk of instability or damage to the robot, so it’s important to do it carefully and monitor the robot’s performance closely.

Hi @rthaker ,
Thanks for your suggestion. I know how to control it.
Best regard!

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