Adding Object of Interest in Offline Pose Estimation Synthetic Data Generation

Based on this topic, section “6.3.3. Adding Object of Interest”, I tried to add another object other than the available USD files. The USD file that I am trying to replace is a simple cube, but I keep getting this error: Exception: Prim path expression /World/_ube/_ube is invalid, a prim matching the expression needs to created before wrapping it as view. I couldn’t find any resources to address this issue. Is there any documentation or help available?

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I could track the error. The way the sample code is presented data is pretty much specific for the YCB format, and there should be a consistency between the naming of the file and the object of interest in the USD file. Either this part should be edited based on the custom asset or change the name of the custom asset to fit with the script. The part of the script for adding the custom object :

Add a custom object

    part_name = "036_wood_block"
    ref_path = self.asset_path + part_name + ".usd"
    prim_type = f"_{part_name[1:]}"
    path = "/World/" + prim_type
    mesh_path = path + "/" + prim_type
    name = "train_part"

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