Adding physxTendon to revolute joints in a custom USDA for a manipulator



I was trying to find the solution for Failed to get articulation fixed tendon stiffness from backend and I I think I may have found the root problem to this error I was receiving for not grabbing backend tendon.

I decided to look at my USD files as USDA and compare to the shadow hand example, and I think the last of physxTendon in my custom USD is the conflict . As an example of what I mean, here is the two same joints compared side by side - left is from my custom robot and the right is from the provided ShadowHand instanceable USDA from NVIDIA.

For this case, I was wondering what do I do to add the physxTendon for each revolute joint in my robot’s USDA. Is there a setting in the GUI which allows this or could this just be a matter of implementing these changes manually in the USDA file without creating errors?

yes you should be able to add tendons from the UI, if you select the joint then in the add → physics menu you should see tendons.

You can check the tendons documentation:


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